This was a dream materials only had in our imagination -Hyosung Poketone commercialized the world's first successful eco-friendly polymer material. Based on excellent physical properties and competitive parts industry to lead the world with the core material.


  • High impact strength

    POKETONE has high impact strength taking advantages of relatively flexible CO/Olefin polymer backbone.

  • Excellent chemical resistance

    POKETONE is highly resistant to automotive fluids, hydrocarbon solvents, salts, and weak acids and bases.

  • Excellent wear resistance

    POKETONE has excellent wear resistance even better than POM and reduces various noise issues.

  • Exceptional barrier properties

    The gas and hydrocarbon barrier properties of POKETONE is exceptional as similar to EVOH that is at the highest level of all existing polymers.

  • Good flame retardancy

    POKETONE generates a natural char layer during combustion that insulates further heat and oxygen.

    Only half of flame retardant is sufficient to make POKETONE UL V-0 compared to what is needed for PA.