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POKETONE™, the world's first commercialized polyketone, is non-toxic and biocompatible polymers that is FDA and NSF approved.
It exhibits excellent chemical resistance, excellent toughness, and abrasion resistance. With its balanced properties, POKETONE™ is widely used in markets such as automotive, water meter, water purifier, toys, medical devices, pipes, films.

  • Carbon polymer backbone is composed of all unique engineering plastics
  • Highly crystalline, Compact crystal structure
  • Excellent impact resistance,abrasion resistance,chemical resistance,fuel resistance,gas barrier properties

What is so special about polyketone?
Polyketone polymers can be characterized as strong, tough, and ductile. Tensile yield stress is 60MPa. Stiffness iss moderate, with tensile and flexural modulus of 1.5~1.7 Gpa. Polyketone polymers also exhibit good retention of stiffness.

Superior Resilience and Snapability
Elongation at yield is very high(25%), and Polyketone polymers can subjected to much larger(repetive) deformation than any other engineering plastics before permanent deformation occurs. Polyketone polymers are also very resilient and well suited to snap-fir assemblies, allowing for relatively large design strain.

Very good Impact Performance
Polyketone polymers’ impact strength is unusually high and they exhibit a high level of ductility over a broad temperature range.


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