This was a dream materials only had in our imagination -Hyosung Poketone commercialized the world's first successful eco-friendly polymer material. Based on excellent physical properties and competitive parts industry to lead the world with the core material.


POKETONE is a unique engineering plastic, the backbone of which is composed of only Carbons. Its flexible chains together with the molecular symmetry enhances crystallization which results in many differentiated properties such as excellent chemical and impact resistance, exceptional wear resistance and barrier properties.

Copolymer : Super Fiber (by Wet spinning) = {-CH₂-CH₂-C}n =Tm : about 260℃, Mn : 200,000 over

Terpolymer : Engineering Plastic (by Injection molding, Extrusion) = CH₃-{-CH₂-CH-C  CH₂-CH₂-C-}n = Tm : about 220 ℃ , Mn : 60,000 over