This was a dream materials only had in our imagination -Hyosung polykatone commercialized the world's first successful eco-friendly polymer material. Based on excellent physical properties and competitive parts industry to lead the world with the core material.

PR Movies

  • What is PK?

    Is there really any plastic that protects the environment?
    Polyketone, an eco-friendly material made from air pollutants!
    If you want to know where it is used, click the video!

  • Brand Film

    Hyosung Chemical aims to innovate new materials necessary to mankind in a safer and more sustainable way,
    with fine chemical technology. And Hyosung Chemical has sustainable solutions through new materials.
    Through Hyosung’s “technology DNA”, enabling more possibilities, creating a new circular chemistry.
    “The Next Eco-restorer” ”HYOSUNG POKETONE”

  • Golf tee! You no longer need to buy it every time.

    Are there any golf tees that are not broken?
    Let's find out the amazing abilities of the amazing plastic ‘Polyketone' through various experiments right now!