This was a dream materials only had in our imagination -Hyosung polykatone commercialized the world's first successful eco-friendly polymer material. Based on excellent physical properties and competitive parts industry to lead the world with the core material.


Hyosung established Nylon business in 1966, polyester in 1973, Spandex in 1990, extended to high value material business such as PP. TPA, Engineering plastics in 1980 ~ 1990. However, since the financial crisis in 1997,
Hyosung sold the engineering plastics division to Rhodia, artificial marble division to Dupont. In 1998 main 4 company (Hyosung T & C, Hyosung Living Industry, Hyosung Trading, Hyosung heavy Industry) in Hyosung group combined to the Hyosung corporation.

Since then, the Passion for the business of Top management, "Develop new materials", Hyosung started to develop POKETONE from 2004, for 10 years R&D, and finally in 2013 completed the commercial plant design. Of POKETONE, established POK business unit.

  • 2015

    POKETONE Plant start
    (50,000 ton/year, Ulsan Yongyeon Plant)

  • 2013

    POKETONE Plant Engineering design Completed.
    POK Biz. Division established

  • 2012

    POKETONE Pilot Plant Construction
    (1,000 ton/year, Ulsan Yongyeon Plant)

  • 2011

    POKETONE Fiber R&D start

  • 2008

    POKETONE R&D start

  • 2005

    POKETONE Polymerization Pilot (Bench scale)
    (10 ton/year, Anyang R&D Center)

  • 2004

    POKETONE Lab. R&D start